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Student Affairs


The Directorate is headed by a senior academic staff who is appointed by the Provost and so directly responsible to the Provost. At a glance, the structure of the Directorate is as follows:


This is a Senior academic staff appointed for a tenure of two years in the first instance which is renewable for another two years. There are other Heads of Sections of the Directorate responsible to the Dean


This office which was created in the first quarter of 2010 is also by appointment by the Provost of any Senior Academic Staff. He deputize for the Dean and also attends the Enlarged Management meetings together with the Dean.


This is a Senior Administrative Officer from the Registry on normal administrative positing. Other senior administrative staff directly under him include the Senior Assistant Registrar (SA) and the Administrative Officers I and II (SA).


The counselor is employed on the basis of professionalism and answerable to the Dean (SA). Currently under him in the section is another male Counselor. To meet up the need for counseling females by the ethics, the College is making plans to employ female counselors. The Counseling section services both staff and students of the College.


The Sports Coordinator is in charge of this section. The Coordinator who is also answerable to the Dean was appointed from amongst senior academic staff of the Physical and Health Education Department of the College. He coordinates both internal and external sports activities. Saturdays and Wednesdays afternoons are earmarked for every student who wishes to train in their skills or relax in one sport, game or the other. There are out door and indoor activities such as football, basket ball, lawn tennis and track events. Others are badminton, squash and table tennis to mention just a few.

External sports activities undertaken each two years include the Nigerian Colleges of Education Games (NICEGA). The Provost football cup is competed for each session by the five Schools and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions receive awards from the College usually presented by the Provost himself. Other internal competition being reactivated in the inter hostel and female football competitions.


The Directorate coordinates the students hostel accommodation. The female hostel is on one side, and fenced with two gates while the male hostel block is open but also within the College premises. Accommodation is given to only registered students on first come first served basis Students who do not succeed make their personal arrangements off campus.Accommodation which is a bed space per successful student lasts for only one academic session except where the student decides to relinquish it or is forced out for contravening the rules governing general hostels accommodation.


To keep the hostels and environments clean, neat and hygienic, there is the Sanitation section headed by the most senior Environmental Sanitation Officer. Such officer is also responsible to the Dean. Duties undertaken by this section includes general cleaning of the rooms, toilets and their surroundings. Cleaners are attached to each hostel to ensure their up keep. Students also come out at weekends for general sanitation. Special inspection is carried out by staff of the Directorate and Hostel Wardens after which the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in both male and female hostels are publicly rewarded by the Students Union Government. The Provost with a high love for cleanliness approves the supply of sanitary materials and working implements for keeping the hostels and environments clean.


Each hostel has a Warden recommended by the Dean and approved by the Provost. However, only male senior staff are appointed for male hostels and female Senior staff for female hostels.The Wardens are responsible for seeing to the neatness of the hostels. They report to the Directorate any damages or neglect of duty by cleaners. They also settle students disputes if any. Thus, they are automatic members of the Students Welfare and Disciplinary Committee. Wardens are also involved in the activities of SUG elections.


Students at all levels, as long as they are registered, are permitted to play clean campus politics when they elect from within themselves credible leaders to govern them. Such elections are permitted by the Provost before the end of each session. This gives room for smooth transition from the outgoing officials to the officials elect for the succeeding session.Elections of such officials are conducted by the Students Affairs Directorate working hand in hand with all the Hostel Wardens. Such elections are preceded by screening and a manifesto nights when each candidate proves his worth both in character and academics. A student found to have just a carry over in any course is screened out to give him room to face his academics squarely.When elected, the SUG work acidulously hard to marry students ideas with that of College Management for a peaceful coexistence in the College Community.Both the National Certificate in Education (NCE) students and the Undergraduate students who recently came on board by policy, jointly and peacefully go through all the electoral processes for one Government putting into play their common constitutional provisions which are reviewed periodically.


The Directorate being directly under the Provostry of the College enjoys the open door policy of the Provost who provides physical materials as well as friendly overseeing. From time to time as situations demand, the Provost parleys with the students, a strategy that has cemented friendly relationship between Management and the students.The relationship between the students and the Directorate staff and the College Management has been peaceful and cordial with a history of no uproar for long.

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