Academic Trust Fund

Academic Trust Fund,
Federal College of Education,
P. M. B. 27,
Pankshin – Plateau State
E-mail: academictrustfund@yahoo.com
Motto: United for Professional Development

It was formed in 1995 by ten academic staff of the College. The ten academic staff who found the fund came together because they share similar aspirations. At the time the Fund was formed, participating in academic activities by staff of the College in and outside the College was a problem because of lack of financial assistance from the College; and individuals found it extremely difficult to sponsor themselves as salaries were mere peanuts. This was what led to the formation of the Academic Trust Fund with the aim of accomplishing the following:

  • providing basic learning materials, such as textbooks, journals, research reports and locally made instructional materials at affordable rates to schools, libraries and students/pupils nationwide;
  • offering distance and extension learning programmes for those who cannot afford (or fit into) the conventional school system;
  • rendering consultancy services in purely academic and allied matters;
  • creating opportunities for professional teachers to update their knowledge through our national and international conferences, seminars and workshops for serving teachers, school managers and school administrators;
  • encouraging researches into vital areas of educational improvement for national development; and
  • undertaking editing, proof-reading, printing and publishing of scholarly works.

Over the years, the Fund has made modest achievements. Some of these include: giving interest free loans to members to pursue academic endeavours, hosting national conferences (in 1998, 2004 and 2005), publication of three textbooks (Basics of Teaching Practice, 1997, Crisis in Accomplishing Educational Objectives in Nigeria, 2000 and Education and the stability of the Nigerian Nation, 2005) and serving as consultants to several authors as a result of which over thirty books have been published as at today. The Fund, which began with ten members, has grown and today it has thirteen members. The members are:

  1. Jere Ndazhaga - Chairman
  2. Sunday, A. Adegun - Treasurer
  3. Beshel .C. Ushie - Secretary
  4. James .O. Balogun - Member
  5. John .G. Chaka - Member
  6. William .S. Dakun - Member
  7. Sunday Jacob - Member
  8. Olatunde .A. Odewumni - Member
  9. Matthew Okooboh - Member
  10. Emmanuel .S. Dewan - Member
  11. David .N. Rinji - Member
  12. Rosaline .T. Sekuk - Member
  13. Abdullahi .A. Sulieman- Member