FCE Pankshin Ventures LTD


The Federal College of Education Pankshin Ventures commenced operation on a skeletal basis in January 2001. The establishment of this all-important arm of the college was necessitated by the realization of the fact that an absolute reliance on government subvention was beginning to take its toll on the activities of the college due to the ever-dwindling income from the government against the ever-increasing contending challenges facing the college. Hence other sources of revenue to augment government subvention with a view to salvage the activities of the college from coming to a stand still.

Thus from a Spartan beginning with a request for the transfer of photocopying machine and operating personnel from the library to kick start the activities of the College Ventures, the organization has continued to grow by leaps and bounds contributing its level headed best to the smooth running and sustenance of the college activities.



The scope of operation of the F.C.E, Pankshin Ventures is in reality limitless as long as a programme or service is considered financially viable and it is within the ambit of the laws of the land and the edicts governing the running of colleges of education such as ours.

However, as at now, Ventures has on ground such services as are listed here under:



The Consultancy service section of F.C.E Pankshin Ventures undertakes gainful ventures that are academic in nature. Being an academic institution, this section of Ventures is central to its operation as it does not only serve as a source of additional income generation for the college but also enhance the college academic relevance to the College Community and its environs.

As at now, the College Consultancy Unit engages in the following activities:

a. Oversees College Programmes such as:

  • Part-Time NCE Programmes.
  • Remedial Programme.

b. Mounted new and innovation programmes such as:

  • Certificate in Computer Application since 2001 till date.
  • NCE Weekend programme in business Education since 2003 till date.
  • The CISCO Computer training Project since 2005 till date.
  • Appointed consultants to the UBE/World Bank in the UBE/World bank Assisted Teacher Professional Support Programme under the PEP II Project, covering two local Government Areas namely: Mangu local Government Area and Bokkos Local Government Area in plateau State in 2002-2004.
  • Computer awareness Programme for primary School Teachers in Pankshin Local Government Area, November-December 2001.
  • Undertaking of book publishing and marketing of such.
  • Designing of lesson Plan notebook and Assessment from and selling same to student on Teaching Practice to enhance the effectiveness of Teaching Practice Programme in the college.

It is no gain-saying that the college has benefit tremendously in additional income and goodwill as a result of activities of this unit of the FCE, Pankshin Ventures.



The Colleges Press Unit of the Ventures generate income into the college coffers by undertaking all manners of printing service for the college, the community and neighboring institution and personalities. Essentially, the College recycles its own resources by making investments in the college press and causing it to undertake the printing of its sundry needs such as exam answer booklets. Receipts and other documents, college initiated book projects and the college journal. This wisdom on the part of the FCE, Pankshin Ventures in partnership with the College management and by extension the Council has gone a long way in saving some millions of naira for the college and salvaging the college from impending crisis at a time that printing of examination answer scripts outside would have become unaffordable for the college.

This has saved the college a lot of embarrassment that might have arisen out of litigations from unpaid contractors. The above coupled with jobs sourced from other institution such as College Of Education Gindiri and College of Agriculture Garkawa along with numerous individual printing jobs from customer in and outside the college has gone a long way to serve as additional source of income for the college and a sort of tranquilizer in the days of urgent needs in the face of lean purse.



The Information and Communication Technology Centre of the College Ventures is in the heart of the college academic activities, and also serves as alternative source of income generation. The I.C.T Unit of the College offers services that are connected with the Internet such as Internet browsing, e-mail services, International telephone services, etc. Through two cyber-café outlets, the I.C.T center renders services to would-be customers. Beside the above, the I.C.T renders support services to the Consultancy Unit in Computer and Internet aided instructions such as the Certificate in Computer and CISCO programmes. The Centre has over the years justified the huge investment in this area by not only generating handsome income for the college but also enhancing the course of academics excellence in the system.



The FCE, Pankshin Ventures has a Business Centre attached to the I.C.T Centre. The Business center as of now undertakes photocopying service and the production of Computerized I. D. Card services. The I.D Card section is busy all years through as it has the monopoly of producing I.D Card for all manners of student and staff of the college in addition to whatever jobs it could source from outside. This section not only ensures the security and confidentiality of the college I.D cards but also serves as a mean of generating additional income for the college.



The FCE, Pankshin Ventures runs a catering service in HOME Economics Department. The HOMEC Kitchen produces and sells food to staff and students in the College community. In addition to the routine sales of food, are the commissioned catering services by the College Management, Associations and groups in the College at costs that are gainful to the Ventures.



The FCE, Pankshin Ventures undertook the repairs of one College tractor to be hired out to farmers for the ploughing of their farmland. The tractor is available to would–be farmers at a profitable rate to the Ventures.