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The ICT Center of the College started operations in 2000 while pairing with the computer academic department. The center started with business operations such as typesetting of documents, production of certificates for groups and Associations in the College etc. In a bit to ensure that members of the college community and its immediate environment become computer literate, the center introduced a training programme leading to the award of certificate in computer application. At this period, the activities of the academic department as well as the center were under one leadership.

Due to the growth in students’ enrollment, expansion in the services of the ICT center, the college took the initiative of constructing an ICT center complex, which was completed in 2003 using successive ETF grants. The leadership of the computer department was then separated from that of the ICT center in January 2005. A head of department was then appointed to pilot the affairs of the academic department answerable to the Dean, school of sciences while a Coordinator answerable to the Provost was appointed to oversee the affairs of the ICT center pending the appointment of a substantive director.


Here are the functions of the ICT center in summary:

  1.  Coordination of all activities leading to the development of ICT in the entire college.
  2.  Provision of a conducive atmosphere for research work both within and outside the College Community through Internet services.
  3.  Promotion of computer literacy and awareness programmes among staff and students;
  4.  Ensuring proper ICT Infrastructural Developments in the college such as:
  •  Networking of entire college
  •  Computerization of all college services
  •  Installation and maintenance of all computers in the college

Boosting of college internally generated revenue.


The revenue generating services rendered by the ICT center of the College today includes the following:

  • Photocopying Services
  • ID-Card Production Services
  • Internet Browsing And Printing Services
  • Running Training programmes – CCA, and CISCO I.T Essentials.